CSI-Dx™ definitively proves the presence of active tickborne-associated pathogens
Treat patients earlier and more effectively

Diagnose Based on Direct Detection

CSI-Dx™ is a highly sensitive and specific test that accurately captures all positive results, including the 43 microbes associated with Lyme disease and tick borne illnesses. Our results are precise: our limit of detection is 3 pathogenic cells per milliliter of urine. By providing results within 24 hours, physicians can diagnose their patients and create customized treatments specific to the active bacteria and their antibiotic resistance markers.

CSI-Dx™ can detect pathogens present using as few as 3 cells per milliliter of urine within 24 hours of receiving the sample.

CSI-Dx™ Benefits for Physicians

Identifying all of the infectious pathogens is the start of how CSI-Dx™ can help physicians deliver the best possible patient care. CSI-Dx™ is a part of the patient care experience, start to finish.

Quick and Accurate Data Icon

1. Quick, Accurate Data

Identify the presence of tickborne-associated bacteria and any contributing pathogens with one sample. Within 24 hours physicians receive clear, actionable reports with the diagnostic data necessary to present a firm diagnosis with a targeted treatment plan.

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2. Smooth Process

Physicians can purchase CSI-Dx™ directly. No insurance battles, barriers, or bottlenecks keep you from receiving quick and accurate results for your patients. Our proprietary laboratory processes keep test turn-around times low and automatically sends results to your compatible EMR system or fax machine.

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3. Satisfied Patients

CSI-Dx™’s patented processes means patients can be treated earlier and more effectively with targeted pathogen treatment. With CSI-Dx™, you can deliver a quality of care that deepens your patients’ satisfaction, trust, and health.

Chronic Tickborne Disease and Post-Treatment Re-Evaluation

While there isn’t a firm understanding on what causes chronic tickborne diseases, such as Lyme disease, or why some patients continue to experience tickborne disease symptoms after treatment, some theorize that the bacteria may have survived treatment or another tickborne illness or co-infection could be causing the same symptoms.

CSI-Dx™ gives physicians a definitive way to detect the presence of Lyme disease or any pathogen that could be causing your patient’s symptoms. CSI-Dx™ reports clearly break down the percentage of each active microorganism species identified in the sample, giving physicians actionable data for diagnosis and building a targeted treatment plan. Just as importantly, CSI-Dx™ offers the ability to effectively monitor the success of the antibiotic therapy by identifying any remaining active pathogens after treatment since CSI-Dx™ results are unaffected by antibiotic treatment.

CSI-Dx™ has been analytically validated to report the presence of pathogenic microbial nucleic acid when present at levels above each microbe’s established Limit of Detection. If active bacteria, fungi, viruses, or protozoa persist, CSI-Dx™ will detect it.