Contamination Source Identification is Revolutionizing the Standard of Diagnostics
Providing the first and only RNA sequencing test for tickborne diseases

Who We Are

Contamination Source Identification (CSI®) is revolutionizing the standard of diagnostics by providing the first and only RNA sequencing test for tickborne diseases, such as Lyme disease.

We contribute meaningfully to the delivery of patient care by providing physicians with accurate active pathogen identification to enable confident disease diagnosis and targeted treatment decisions that encompass all infective pathogens and any contributing factors.

With faster identification turn-around times and state-of-the-art equipment, we improve physicians’ ability to deliver accurate treatment earlier, preventing the disease from developing additional symptoms and long-term effects.

Our Lab

Our CLIA-certified laboratory is fully automated with proprietary laboratory processes that improve speed and reduces contamination. (CLIA #39D2180522)

Our state-of-the-art lab includes a wet lab robot to process samples, a DNA sequencer that can perform 400 million sequences at a time, a supercomputer with the power of 400 computers strung together, and a Laboratory Information Management System that ensures accurate sample tracking from reception to final report.

CSI is able to run 96 samples simultaneously. Automation, bar code tracking, and micro-tagging ensures contamination control and sample integrity. Even as the samples begin to process, the robot has individually labeled wells so it can report where each sample is within the process. After final analysis, the results report can be directly streamed through compatible Electronic Medical Records systems, or the machine can generate an automatic fax with the testing results.

CSI operates out of the Juniata College Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership (JCEL) in Huntingdon, PA.

Our Team

CSI is comprised of a highly-talented and experienced team with varying backgrounds, including computational expert, molecular biologist, bioinformaticist, researchers, and other highly-qualified fields. View our team.