Contamination Source Identification is Revolutionizing the Standard of Diagnostics
Providing the first and only RNA sequencing test for tickborne diseases

Who We Are

At Contamination Source Identification (CSI®), our mission is to contribute meaningfully to the delivery of effective patient care by providing physicians with accurate active pathogen identification results to enable confident disease diagnosis and targeted treatment decisions.

Our Lab

Our CLIA-certified laboratory is fully automated, with both proprietary laboratory sample preparation techniques and bioinformatics processes that improve sample turn-around time and reduce host-associated contaminants that exist in every clinical specimen. (CLIA #39D2180522).

Our state-of-the-art lab includes automated systems and instrumentation to both prepare and process clinical samples efficiently within a sterile environment. CSI® possesses on site Illumina sequencers and a customized Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) that ensures accurate sample tracking from sample receipt to clinical result reporting.

Our Team

CSI employs a highly-talented and experienced team, motivated to conduct groundbreaking business and research to establish a new gold standard of disease diagnostics. 

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